Relay Tester Grade D SCD NERC

This job posting is no longer active.

Location: Christiana, DE, United States
Organization: Delmarva Power & Light Co
Job ID: 222850
Date Posted: Jan 24, 2020

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Job Description


Job Duties

Under close supervision, regularly and customarily performs work on Company and/or customer owned equipment, on or off Company property, as follows:

  1. Assists Relay Testers of higher grade in the performance of their duties.
  2. Tests, maintains, and repairs relays, protective and test equipment, and other electric/electronic equipment in the laboratory.
  3. Performs minor field work for which qualified.
  4. Performs other related or less-skilled work within the capabilities of the individual to meet emergencies or other operating needs.
  5. Must pass NERC background check.
  6. Must be willing and able to work extra and/or irregular hours and be willing to work under unusual or special conditions.  Must be willing and able to work overtime on a regular basis and must be available for callout overtime.
  7. Must possess the appropriate vehicle operator’s license.
  8. Operates automobile, light truck or van.
  9. Performs all work in accordance with Company regulations and safety rules.
  10. Assists in job-related clerical work.
  11. Reads, writes and communicates effectively in the English language.

Note:  Eligible for promotion to Relay Tester Grade C upon demonstration of ability, fitness, and other qualifications after one (1) year as a Relay Tester Grade D, and upon successfully completing testing requirements for Relay Tester Grade C.


Employee must be able to pass test prior to Company awarding job and also must pass subsequent step progression tests.  Failure to pass any of the step progression tests will require remaining at the current step with the employee eligible for retesting within the next six (6) months.  Failure to pass any of the tests a second time will result in the employee being reassigned as follows:

  1. An employee promoted or transferred into this classification shall be reassigned under Article 4, Section 9 when applicable, or reassigned to any entry level bargaining unit position.
  2. An employee hired into this classification ( not promoted or transferred), shall be placed in an existing entry level bargaining unit position vacancy at any location for which the company deems he is qualified, providing a vacancy exists, unless during a thirty (30) day period that employee is awarded another position through the bidding process.  If after thirty ( 30 ) days the employee has not been awarded another position through the bidding process, the Company will offer the employee an entry level bargaining unit position, and if the employee refuses the offer, the employee will be terminated. 

Probationary employee testing to be developed and administered during employee’s probationary period.

Employee shall not be permitted to remain in any of the Relay Tester grades if they fail to pass a test a second time.

Ability to distinguish different color-coded wires.

Educational requirements:  High school diploma (or equivalent), plus Associates (at least 2 year) degree in Electrical engineering or Electrical engineering technology ( or equivalent).  This degree and/or equivalent training should include, but not limited to the following:  electricity, electronics, system protection, control systems and other related fields (or equivalent).


Job Summary


Under close supervision, assists higher level Relay Testers in testing, maintaining and repairing protective/test or other electronic/electric equipment in the laboratory.

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