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Distribution Designer C

This job posting is no longer active.

Location: Upper Marlboro, MD, United States
Organization: Potomac Electric Power Co
Job ID: 246991
Date Posted: Jul 10, 2023

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Job Description


Directs, coordinates and performs assignments (terminating in a single point of service and having a capacity of 1200 amperes or less) involving customer contact, processing, design and modification of engineering and/or construction plans for service connections, distribution projects and related work.

  • Provides primary contact with customers for various projects such as: residential, commercial, governmental, traffic signals and streetlights.  Maintains adequate and effective customer contacts with various individuals such as: owners, government officials, developers, builders, architects, consultants, electricians.  Contacts are through meetings, correspondence, telephone calls and other appropriate means to: determine customers’ needs; address customers questions and/or complaints and provide the customer with the necessary company standards, policies, rules and regulations for the various services provided.  Prepare and communicate to internal and external customers, project cost estimates using applicable engineering procedures. 
  • Obtain customer signatures, plans, agreements and right-of-way cards as necessary to complete the project.
  • Applies knowledge of engineering and design practices to prepare construction details for class of services, estimates, traffic control plans, space reservation drawings, third party ride-outs and jobs involving the distribution system using conventional or computer aided drafting and design and or electronic field data collecting. Identifies easement requirements.  Performs calculations such as: pole type and height, pole locations, anchor requirements, down guy requirements, fuse requirements, transformer sizes, cable size and quantities, cable pulling tensions (with assistance), fault currents and estimated class of service cost. Performs short circuit and voltage drop calculations on radial system and service from spot network bus.  These projects involve the installation, rearrangement, replacement and/or removal of: overhead, underground/URD lines, conduit lines, manholes, 13 kV primary feeders (fused), secondary (mainline and service, excluding network transformers), streetlights, traffic signals, telecommunication (i.e., utility wireless radio equipment), ADSS cables, and temporary services.  In addition, these projects involve installing equipment on unfused primary feeders up to 13 kV (such as capacitor banks, regulators, switches, etc.) as well as replacing and/or upgrading poles and extending an unfused primary feeder for one span for purposes of installing new equipment. 
  • Provide necessary liaison with engineering and construction personnel.  Verifies certification of customer structural facilities, payment received, and Temporary Pending Final (TPF) obtained.  Prepare job release form and request, coordinate and communicate the project schedule.
  • Process and issue documents such as: service orders, work orders, assist with meter orders and street light forms as necessary to install, change, rearrange and remove service connection facilities and billing records.  Monitor, updates and prioritize projects.  
  • Reviews customer “on-site” structural facility drawings and make the necessary changes in order to process the drawings for approval.  Review and markup “on-site” structural facility drawing and prepare approval or rejection letter.
  • Performs field inspections to monitor construction status and as an individual or crew leader evaluate, analyze and obtain field site information necessary to complete the project. Direct and or set up traffic control and safety equipment as necessary to perform field duties. 
  • With the assistance of  higher level classification(s), reviews manufacturer switchgear “cuts” and prepares approval or rejection letter.
  • Directs, trains and/or assist lower classified employees in the preparation of jobs up to and including Distribution Designer “C” work.
  • Operates company vehicle.
  • Provide assistance during system emergencies. 
  • Employees in this classification are required to complete and maintain required certifications.
  • Updates land base details (i.e., sidewalks, buildings, roads, PEPCO facilities and foreign utilities) as necessary in GIS. These updates include the ability to Geo-Reference a site plan to provide the necessary detail to obtain permits, rights-of-way, easements and provide an interface with other departments (i.e., Control Center, construction and Real Estate) in order to complete the project. 
  • Possess demonstrated ability and experience as a Distribution Designer “D” or possess equivalent related experience.
  • Possesses demonstrated knowledge to apply Company overhead, underground and URD & telecommunications construction standards. Successfully completes available training modules required for Distribution Designer “C.”
  • Ability to follow company “Safety” guidelines, policies and procedures.
  • Possess Associate Degree in Engineering or two years of college level engineering course work; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Ability to write, speak, read, comprehend and communicate clearly and accurately with the English language.
  • Possess knowledge of the fundamentals of electricity.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of drafting and Computer Aided Drafting and Mapping (GIS) fundamentals.
  • Ability to follow and give direct or detailed instructions.

  • Possess knowledge to apply mathematics, involving algebra, trigonometry and geometry.
  • Possess knowledge of computer use.(e.g. word processing, e-mail and spreadsheet software)
  • Knowledge to use and maintain various hand tools and instruments.
  • Possess knowledge to read plans such as: construction plans, engineering drawings, interpret blueprints.
  • Possess valid driver’s license, including CMV licenses to operate company vehicles.
  • Must be willing and able to work overtime on a regular basis and must be available for  callout overtime, per the CBA.



  • Perform indoor/outdoor work; occasionally in extreme temperature
  • Work around energized equipment
  • Exhibit manual dexterity sufficient to use hand tools such as screwdriver, folding rule, calibers, shovel, pick, pliers, fiberglass stick, measuring wheel.
  • Pass a hearing test in the audible range with or without a hearing device
  • Pass a color vision test. Will have to be able to distinguish color coded cables in manholes and on switchgear
  • Ascend and descend ladders within the maximum weight restrictions.
  • Work in dirty or dusty environments
  • Squat, kneel, bend and twist; stand and/or walk for a period of three consecutive hours.
  • Push, pull and/or roll up to 200 lbs and lift up to 150 lbs, 4 inches off the ground, and slide the 150 lb object a distance of 18 inches.
  • Work in confined spaces.
  • Wear safety equipment.
  • Be able to enter and exit manhole (minimum manhole circumference is 80 inches).
  • Position subject to passing the pre-employment physical examination.

Must pass the criminal history background check. Progression from Designer C to Designer B shall be based on the demonstrated job knowledge, previous job performance and mental as well as physical ability to perform the job.  All Designers will be expected to actively pursue and complete all the required modules and other training requirements for advancement to Designer B.  Specifically, to be qualified for promotion, an employee must have completed the Training Program for the all Designer positions including up to Designer B, been a Designer C for at least 1 year after reaching Step 5 of the Designer C position and be otherwise qualified.  Employees with an active Written Reminder or greater discipline in any category will not be considered qualified.  Likewise, an employee with medical restrictions that cannot be reasonably accommodated may be denied a promotion if he/she cannot perform the essential functions of the job

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